Three photos of women in crew-neck, short-sleeved t-shirts

Want a Free t-shirt Pattern?

After our most recent t-shirt workshop, we realized there are even more free patterns out there from really great, reputable designers that we want to share. Why are these patterns free? The designers are creating goodwill, for sure, but it’s also because these patterns are so simple. Usually there is a front, a back, a sleeve, and some kind of neck binding. But the fit can vary wildly, along with the details.

To start, look closely at your favorite t-shirts. Is that a v neck, boat neck, or a crew? Are the sleeves set right at the shoulder or dropped slightly? Is the shoulder seam straight or raglan style (angled from the neck to the armpit)?

Each of the pattern images below will send you to the designer’s site. Most patterns can be printed at home and taped together, or sent to a print shop to get one large-format print. (We like the FedEx on State Street for this.)

Have questions about fit or construction? Use the comments box below or let us know you want to sign up for our next t-shirt workshop, where we alter patterns to be perfect for your unique shape.

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